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Engaging Minds, Broadening Horizons

Ambassador Programme

The student ambassador programme aims to develop student leadership skills through providing opportunities for students to run extra-curricular groups, take the lead on initiatives such as fundraising and enrichment events, and host school events such as Open Evening and Awards Evening.

The School President leads the team of around 100 student ambassadors across the year groups with the help and support of two Vice Presidents.

They line manage a team of Senior Ambassadors who lead the six student ambassador teams:

  • Community
  • Communications
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development
  • Sport
  • STEM

Applications for ambassadors are open annually, with a full application and interview process held to give students useful life experience and highlight the importance that is placed upon the programme as a whole. Strict criteria must be met such as being on Step Zero of our discipline ladder, having over 95% attendance and always wearing our full school uniform with pride.  Successful ambassadors wear a different tie to visually signify their leadership role within the school environment. Senior Ambassadors wear a different tie to highlight their seniority.

Applications to become Student President or Vice President are also opened annually, with students making speeches in assemblies and communicating their vision for the role in the run-up to election day. On this day, a full student and staff vote is held to promote democracy and ensure fairness, with the successful candidates then embarking upon their year in office. Unlike many other schools, it is our belief that the Student President does not noes not necessarily have to be a Year 11 student, and applications are open to students from any year group should they feel that they can demonstrate the necessary qualities.

Any questions about the programme should be directed to Mr C Harbron, Assistant Headteacher.