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Mobile Phones

Following a consultation from Students and Parents, Governors have decided to ban mobile phones in school.

The school expects students to adhere to the following rules:-

  • Mobile Phones can be brought into school in their bag, but the school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones should not be brought into school on days when students are sitting public examinations (Mobile phones are banned in public examinations).
  • Photo or video facilities should never be used in school for data protection reasons.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off whilst in their bag


Students who fail to meet the above will have their mobile phones passed onto a Senior Member of staff or their Year Manager who will hold on to their device until 15:00 the same day. The student can collect their device from Student Guidance at 15:00. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to a device whilst it is in our care.

If a serious issue safeguarding/criminal incident was to occur regarding their electronic device, the school may hold onto the device for longer so that it can be passed to the police for investigation.

Responsible use is part of our e safety programme, which all students receive throughout the year.