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Parent Pay

ParentPay allows you to make payments using a debit/credit card securely to our school using the Internet. You can use the same account for all children that you have at this school.

Online payments are a convenient way to allow parents/carers to make secure payments online for dinner money and visits using a debit/credit card.

Parents/carers can use Online Payments to purchase the following:

  • Dinner Money – £10 minimum top-up. The balance of the dinner account will be updated instantly and will be available to use within 1 hour. The online balance will be updated overnight and parents/carers will be able to view what their children have purchased from the school menu.
  • Residential School Visits – If the visit is available to pay online, this will be made available for parents/carers to view and pay. Parents/carers can check when payments are due and balance remaining.

The advantages to using online payments:

  • More payment options for parents
  • Reduced risk of students losing cash
  • Parents/carers are able to view their child’s dinner money account history on-line
  • Payments are made through Parent Pay so are secure and reliable

In order to use ParentPay we will issue you with a personalised letter instructing you how to set up and use your account. Should you require a copy of this letter or further information regarding ParentPay please contact the school office:

ParentPay website: