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Engaging Minds, Broadening Horizons

Performance Tables

At Seaham High School we are proud of our improving academy performance. Our subject specialist teachers use research-informed pedagogical strategies, combined with their knowledge and passion of their subjects, to teach excellent lessons.

For more information please click on the link to Compare School Performance and also the link  to Seaham High School's performance measures 

Examination Success We are especially proud of the progress all students make at Seaham High School. Our Progress 8 score, a measure which attempts to capture how much a secondary school raises the attainment of its students from SATs in Year 6 to GCSEs in Year 11, is judged as good.

Progress 2022

Progress 2022
P8 -0.34
A8 4.55
English Standard Pass 70.3%
Maths Standard Pass 56.8%
English Strong Pass 53.3%
Maths Strong Pass 38.4%
Achieved Ebacc 19.7%

2020 and 2021 Cohorts

We are particularly pleased with the way our Year 11 cohorts performed in the face of the challenging circumstances presented during the pandemic. Every student achieved results that reflected their potential and commitment and 100% went on to access appropriate post-16 courses, something that we are very proud of as a school.

Progress 8 Scores overtime 2018: -0.74 2019: -0.40
2020: +0.08
2021: +0.47
2022: -0.07
2019 GCSE Results
Progress 8 -0.40
Attainment 8 4.46
% English and Maths Grade 4+ 55%
Students achieving a grade 4 in English 70%
Students achieving a grade 4 in maths 62.2%
Students achieving a grade 4 in 2 sciences 46.4%
Students achieving a grade 4 in humanities 54.2%
Students achieving a grade 4 in languages 69.2%
Progress in Open bucket 0.57