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Engaging Minds, Broadening Horizons

Transition and Induction

Our aim is that we will do our upmost to support the transition of every child to our school; irrespective of their ability. We do this by providing as many opportunities as we can for students and parents to visit our school and work with staff and other students.

The SENCO and Year Leader visits each primary school in the Summer Term to find out information about your child’s needs and strengths. This information is then shared with relevant staff to ensure that your child has the best possible start in school. We also give parents the opportunity for parents to discuss any worries or concerns they might have with Key members of staff.

We provide a comprehensive Transition Programme which begins when students are in year 6, this ensures that all students will have the chance to visit and learn in our school so that they are comfortable and confident when they attend in year 7. We hope that the combination of learning activities, social events, informal meetings and formal meetings will give parents and students all the information and confidence they need to make the move from Primary School as stress-free as possible.

Overall we hope to help all students and parents overcome as many of their queries and worries about secondary school as we can, in order to make new students look forward to beginning their new school with nervous excitement and anticipation rather than dread and anxiety.

If you have any questions about our transition arrangements please contact Mrs L Whitehead, Assistant Headteacher on 01915161600 or at